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RE: [css-d] font-family choices

Sent by kris burford [midtempo] on 29 January 2002 14:02

> Have you played with embedded fonts? They're really good fun, though it's
> a pity only IE supports them thus far.

we developed a commercial site last year that incorporated imbedded fonts.
we had to include both .pfr and .eot font formats with javascript to
identify which version to serve. the imbedded fonts completely mashed any
additional font-family declarations resulting in times new roman appearing
for all browsers that couldn't handle the technology. we also had major
issues getting the imbedded fonts to stay on the site - basically div layers
were causing the page to "loose" the fonts and they wouldn't come back until
the user had restarted their browser. we spent three months development time
trying to get them to work properly...

one word of advice: don't.



kris burford
midtempo ltd
web strategy, design, build and hosting
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