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Re: [css-d] OmniWeb, hidden DIVs & positioning bug?

Sent by Mark Howells on 29 January 2002 13:01

> I've got a question regarding a specific browser, OmniWeb 4.0.3 (a Mac 
> OS
> X-only browser), and what I _think_ is an example of one of its CSS 
> bugs,
> and was hoping if someone out there could verify that it is, or 
> alternately
> that I've screwed something up :)

The internal pages of my site at <> smash into a 
million pieces in Omniweb on all of the styles, seemingly irrespective 
of complexity and despite the fact that the pages use three, valid 
optional variations of CSS and W3C validated XHTML. I'm not convinced 
that the Omniweb browser is worth testing for, as there appear to be 
some serious rendering bugs in that browser.

Mark Howells
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