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IE6 drop down menu flicker

Sent by Kara Taylor on 30 September 2005 16:04

I'm experiencing the IE6 Flicker bug on a drop down menu.  The 
background image is set on the submenu's ul element, and IE6 users with 
the cache set to check for newer versions "every visit to the page" are 
flickering away.  I used Dean Edwards' server fix
on my own host and it works like a champ.  However, the client's host 
won't install mod_expires and switching hosts is not an option.  I've 
tried wrapping the submenu's ul element in a div, and also nesting a 
div inside the ul element, adding the same background image to both for 
redundancy but those didn't work.   Is there another workaround for 
this?  Perhaps using javascript or php/perl?
Menu is here:
Relevant css is here:


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