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Image based nav that meets AAA standards?

Sent by David Dorward on 29 September 2005 16:04

On 29/09/05, Al Sparber [EMAIL-REMOVED]> wrote:
> From: "Dan_MailLists" [EMAIL-REMOVED]>

> The designer is the ultimate determinant of whether and how a site
> meets accessibility guidelines. There are too many nuances (and
> opinions). That said, your best bet might be creative use of
> background images with the actual link text present - but just tiny or
> positioned off screeen. If CSS is disabled, the menu would display as
> an ordinary list.

If CSS is enabled but images disabled, then the menu would display as
nothing at all.

Real (content) images with alt text is as close to accessible as you
can get when using text in graphics.

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