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Select box widths in IE cut short

Sent by Charlie Law on 29 September 2005 16:04


I am having problems styling select boxes. The site I am building has a
fixed design that leaves little flexibility for the size of select boxes. I
have set the widths using pixels in CSS which is fine and dandy.

The problems start occurring when the content is larger than the select
boxes i.e. the select box is 200px and the content is 300px. Unfortunately I
have no control over the size of the content within these boxes as its all
dynamically driven, and varies greatly in size.

The problem lies with IE which wont expand the options when it has focus,
thus cutting short any content that is larger than the width of the select
box. FF handles it lovely, which is what I am trying to achieve with IE, so
no matter the size of the content it will all be revealed when the select
box has focus, and will disappear once the focus is removed.

Any suggestions, I am guessing it will probably take a script (If this is
the case, does anyone know where I will find such a script).

Thanks Charlie.

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