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Image based nav that meets AAA standards?

Sent by Al Sparber on 29 September 2005 15:03

From: "Dan_MailLists" [EMAIL-REMOVED]>

> does anyone know a technique to allow me to use a graphical nav bar, 
> but that is Bobby AAA compliant - as well as the usual standards 
> compliant and cross-browser compatible?

The designer is the ultimate determinant of whether and how a site 
meets accessibility guidelines. There are too many nuances (and 
opinions). That said, your best bet might be creative use of 
background images with the actual link text present - but just tiny or 
positioned off screeen. If CSS is disabled, the menu would display as 
an ordinary list. I'm sure others have examples to point you at, but 
this example might give you food for thought:

It's a pulldown menu, but the technique would work as well for a 
single root level.


Al Sparber

"Designing with CSS is sometimes like barreling down a crumbling 
mountain road at 90 miles per hour secure in the knowledge that 
repairs are scheduled for next Tuesday".

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