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Stretching Too Much in IE

Sent by David Agnew on 29 September 2005 15:03

Using Mac OS 10.4.2, your page
	looks fine in Safari 2.0.1

	looks good in Firefox 1.5 b1 - but the yellow lower portion 
of the chipotle box (only) protrudes to the right about 6px

	looks good in IE 5.2.3 - but to the right of both headlines 
(Iron Giant / I like Ray) is a white, borderless liquid box that 
covers the grey areas behind it.

I'll leave the fixes to someone with more experience than I.

>I would like to get it to work in IE the way that it is in Netscape.
>Anybody looking at this page in these two browsers should be able to
>figure out what I am talking about but feel free to ask questions if
>necessary. BTW, I have no idea how this page is performing in any Mac
>browser. Thanks.
>Christian Ziebarth
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