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Mac and Linux checks please.

Sent by BJ on 29 September 2005 14:02


Well, it appears this fix fixed IE6 without breaking anything else- I'd 
appreciate one more go-round by the Safari and Konqueror crowd to make 
sure we finally have a winner.

And THANK YOU ALL once again.

Oh, and Philippe, re:
"More on 'hasLayout':
</end shameless plug> "

You've already been "immortalized" (actually more than once) in my 
online bookmarks . . . which have been pretty heavily used by all my 
friends as well, from what the stats say *grin*

Philippe Wittenbergh wrote:

> On 29 Sep 2005, at 8:15 pm, BJ wrote:
>> I was really afraid someone would tell me this. Okay, that display: 
>> inline-block; was a fix for IE6, and, after a few hours of trial and 
>> error, was the ONLY one that I could find that worked, and yes, I had 
>> tried other haslayout methods to get that &*%$ browser to behave, and 
>> still allow the other browsers I have to display properly. Without 
>> that inline-block declaration it works in every one of my windows 
>> browsers but IE6. Do you have any other ideas on how to make this 
>> work? I'd really appreciate any help and so would my neighbors, since 
>> I've already yelled myself hoarse on this.
> Serve your neighbours a beer :-)
> Seriously:
> #path {
>     _height:0; /* hidden from others, using the underscore hack */
>     display:block;
>      /* rest of styles */
> }
> seems to do what you're after on my local copy with IE 6/ XP-whatever 
> running of VPC.
> Adjust margins, etc...
> At least if what Firefox displays is what you want.
> Otherwise, use {display:inline-block} for IE only.
> Philippe
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> Philippe Wittenbergh
> <>

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