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Site check: redesign

Sent by Christian Heilmann on 29 September 2005 14:02

> >  >
> > When it loaded in FF Win 2K something very weird happened--I first saw
> > the Stuff / Tools section and then as I was starting to read it, it
> > disappeared. Same thing in IE Win 2K. That's not so good.
> Ditto in Opera 8.5/Win2k.
> Even worse, I was initially able to open the Stuff/Tools section, but
> after looking around, the section would *not* open (just a little gap
> [10px] of background would open) enough to read any content. This

That was just me fixing things :-)
Now the flashing should be a matter of the past. Dirty document.write
but it does the job

> seemed to have happened after trying to eliminate the Google Ads
> overlay that was obscuring text, but since I can no longer see the
> Stuff/Tools section, I can't repeat.

Yes, that seems to be an Opera Quirk, any idea how to prevent that? it
seems that even with the latest opera the problem of slow re-rendering
of the page persists.
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