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Re: Online course to learn CSS

Sent by Laura Carlson on 29 September 2005 14:02

I took some cascading style sheets classes in 2002 though the 
International Webmasters Association/HTML Writers Guild.

The first class started with the basics and the second one taught how 
to do real things.

The last one, an advanced course taught by Eric A. Meyer, was very 
challenging and demanding. The course had quite a bit of CSS theory as 
well as practice that helped me to understand why browsers behave as 
they do, what should be happening, and how to try to turn things to an 

Topics explored included: how selectors really work, why the cascade 
and specificity can turn your hair gray, techniques to overcome 
strangeness in line layout, media-specific and alternate styles, how 
DOCTYPE switching can make styling easier or harder, and a few ways to 
sneak past browser bugs without upsetting others.

I'm not sure who is currently teaching CSS at the International 
Webmasters Association/HTML Writers Guild and what is covered now but 
you could check it out at:

Also the Web Design Reference is a huge mega-reference (over 3,000 
links) of information and articles about web design and development. It 
has a full section of online CSS resources (plus accessibility, 
usability, web standards, and many related topics are covered).

The Web Design Reference URL is:

CSS Section:

CSS Books:

You might also find the Web Design Update Newsletter helpful. The URL 

The newsletter is a plain text email digest that typically goes out 
once a week as an adjunct to the site.

All the Best,
Laura L. Carlson
Information Technology Systems and Services
University of Minnesota Duluth
Duluth, MN  55812-3009
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