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Site check: redesign

Sent by T. R. Valentine on 29 September 2005 13:01

On 29/09/05, Hershel Robinson [EMAIL-REMOVED]> wrote:
>  > I would appreciate feedback on the upcoming redesign of
> Well then we'll see what we can do. :)
>  >
> When it loaded in FF Win 2K something very weird happened--I first saw
> the Stuff / Tools section and then as I was starting to read it, it
> disappeared. Same thing in IE Win 2K. That's not so good.

Ditto in Opera 8.5/Win2k.

Even worse, I was initially able to open the Stuff/Tools section, but
after looking around, the section would *not* open (just a little gap
[10px] of background would open) enough to read any content. This
seemed to have happened after trying to eliminate the Google Ads
overlay that was obscuring text, but since I can no longer see the
Stuff/Tools section, I can't repeat.

Not to be pendantic, but in the About section, the third paragraph begins:
'Under no circumstances you are allowed to change...' -- I think you
need to reverse the 'you' and the 'are'. :-)

T. R. Valentine
Use a decent browser: Safari, Firefox, Mozilla, Opera
(Avoid IE like the plague it is)
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