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Stretching Too Much in IE

Sent by Christianz on 29 September 2005 09:09

I mentioned this page earlier and some problems I'd been having with it 
but I got the majority of those problems worked out on my own (so 
fortunately nobody responded to my prior questions) but now I need some 
real help. In NS 7.2 everything fits perfectly without the need for 
horizontal scrolling but in IE6 it stretches out beyond the natural 
right border:

I would like to get it to work in IE the way that it is in Netscape. 
Anybody looking at this page in these two browsers should be able to 
figure out what I am talking about but feel free to ask questions if 
necessary. BTW, I have no idea how this page is performing in any Mac 
browser. Thanks.

Christian Ziebarth
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