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cross-browser display problems

Sent by david on 29 September 2005 08:08

Pringle, Ron wrote:

>>I also get a bunch of errors/warnings for using <a
[EMAIL-REMOVED]&subject=The Indigo
>>Connection Website">. Seems it does not like the last part where it
>>fills in the subject for the user. Again, just a personal 
>>preference but
>>I want to be able to fill in the subject line on mailto. It 
>>makes things
>>much easier for the client and the user can always change the 
>>subject if
>>they want to.
> Probably it is complaining about the Ampersand. You should encode that like
> &amp; instead of &. So your href would then be:
>  [EMAIL-REMOVED]&amp;subject=The Indigo
> Connection Website"

Hmmm, I seem to recall that the standard "separation" character in a 
mailto link is the questionmark?

[EMAIL-REMOVED]?subject=The Indigo 
Connection Website"

Also, I think you need to encode the spaces in the subject as %20, right?

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