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Can you do this with CSS? Layers and divs?

Sent by Christian Heilmann on 29 September 2005 08:08

> I have six images with the first one (image "A") being a combination of image on top and a text
description below it.  When you mouseover the remaining 5 images (with no text descriptions), I want
the main image "A" to change for each of the other 5 images.  Same for the text description below
image "A", it needs to change as well.  The main image "A" needs to return to display once you
mouseoff any of the other 5 images.
> I'll do this with a script (if I could find one) but would prefer a clean way of doing so using
layers and divs if possible. Can it be done with an inline frame?

This is behaviour - even navigation - and therefore not the job of
CSS. A good clean unobtrusive script is better in this case - one that
does the mouseover stuff you talked about but also changes the image
and description when you click on the image. Mouseover only does not
help users of keyboards.

Generally CSS can only show and hide stuff that is _inside_ the
element you have yout mouse on. This means you could achieve your
effect by nesting the images and descriptions to be shown inside a
link and position them on hover. However, on MSIE this seems to cause
horrible flickers.

> I am still kinda green when it comes to understanding the flexible mechanics of CSS but I am
trying. : )

CSS is there to style stuff, not to add behaviour.


Chris Heilmann
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