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Off Topic - Sorry

Sent by Alex Robinson on 29 September 2005 01:01

>>>  A load o people posted totally off topic suggestions to a thread 
>>>with off topic in the subject <<<

Can you guys just stop this now please?

Once again it must be pointed out that if you are thinking of posting 
something to [css-d] and find yourself writing "off topic" or 
"potentially off topic"...


It's incredibly disrespectful of the 6500+ list members and by 
increasing the noise to signal ratio makes the list that little bit 
less useful to all of us.

If you're not sure whether something would be off topic or not, just 
fire off a question to the moderators at the list owner's adddress


And as for you responders - never ever reply to an off topic post. 
Feel free however to answer the original poster off list.

Alex Robinson
css=d moderator
css-discuss [EMAIL-REMOVED]]
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