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The definitive truth about Internet Explorer default text size settings

Sent by Donna Casey on 29 September 2005 00:12

Rick Faircloth wrote:
> I looked into that by simply installing IE fresh to see what it
> set up by default for text size, because I new most users would never
> change it and wanted to match my default font size to look its best
> with that setting.
> It defaulted to Medium...
yes, the guy has since confirmed that he uses Eudora and that the site 
owner just recently complained that the site text seemed much smaller 
since installing Eudora, too.

So it was that. Something to think about, folks. And the answer is to 
tell the user to open his/her registry after installing Eudora and reset

Explorer\International\Scripts\3] "IEFontSize"=hex:01,00,00,00

to use 02,00,00,00

which resets IE back to medium.


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