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Many requirements

Sent by Christianz on 28 September 2005 23:11

Is it possible to set this page up so that they two gray boxes (Iron Giant is Good, I Like Ray
Liotta) stretch with the width of the browser window while keeping the same amount of space
inbetween the two boxes *and* so that the two gray lines below "How?s The Weather in Brazil?" and
"Aquaman is Not a Good Superhero" stretch as well with their right edges and the right edge of the
text beginning with "More than 75% . . . " always at the same point of the far right edge of the Ray
Liotta box? Some of this is presenting tabular data so tables are necessary at some point but is
there a way to use less tables than I have now while keeping everything faithful to the mockup? I am
going to try to work out solutions to all this but suggestions are appreciated. Thanks
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