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Mac and Linux checks please.

Sent by BJ on 28 September 2005 23:11

Okay, the screenshots seem to sum up what everyone has told me- the nav 
bar and breadcrumb trail are borking in both Safari and Konqueror. And 
simple has turned into not-so-simple once again.

Tedd also said: "However, the navigation becomes confusing and doesn't 
hold it's shape/configuration throughout your site. In other words, it 
isn't consistent." I think that tells me it might be behaving 
differently on the inner pages possibly . . . I think that's what he 
meant. And Tedd was using Safari 2.0.1.

Since I don't have access to those two browsers for testing any and all 
help will be very welcome, and hopefully the fix for Safari also works 
in Konqueror . . .

One more thing-- IEMac, my old nemesis-- I only got screenshots of that 
one, and it seems to be behaving in that curmudgeonly one for a change, 
but I remember the time the screenshot looked fine and the links didn't 
work . . . could someone make sure it's okay for sure in that particular 
browser? Thank you.

CSS file is here:

Site is here:

And, as usual, thank you to David, Tedd, Richard and Vincent for your 
prompt and helpful responses.

David Laakso wrote:

> BJ wrote:
>> <>
>> This one's a pretty simple one, just need to know if it's holding up 
>> on the Shiny Side and in OpenSourceWorld.
>> Thanks!
>> bj
> 20 screen captures-- Mac/Linux
> <>
> Best, dL

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