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Browser and platform compatibility

Sent by Adam Kuehn on 28 September 2005 23:11

Gunlaug Sørtun wrote (among other good bit of advice):

>For cross-browser compatibility year 2005: rewrite all 'font:....' so
>font-sizes are defined in 'em' or '%', and line-heights are in 'em', '%'
>or 'unitless', as IE/win can't resize fonts defined in px-units.

There are very few use cases that require 
line-heights with units (indeed, I can't even 
think of a single one).  I would strongly 
recommend that you use unitless line-height 
values as a matter of course.  Only if you are 
dead sure that you want the COMPUTED value of a 
line-height to inherit should you use a unit 
value.  Using units on line-heights is a very 
common way to break a website.


-Adam Kuehn
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