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new subscriber wants to know about best practices and what the hedoublehockeystick and 'em' is ;-)

Sent by David Dorward on 28 September 2005 23:11

On 26/09/05, Kevin Martin [EMAIL-REMOVED]> wrote:

> I've been given the directive that the website MUST look the same in
> all browsers

Oh dear. Web, as a media, is not designed to "look the same
everywhere". User's want larger fonts? They get large fonts. User's
want wider windows? They get wider windows. Even leaving aside user
choice, the spec has a fair amount of wiggle room that allows for
differences between rendering.

> (primarily concerned with IE, FF, and Mozilla, less-so on Opera).

Lynx? JAWS? Googlebot?

> I've been doing this using position:absolute

> oh and a footer.

Absolute positioning removes things from the flow. If something of
variable height (e.g. pretty much anything with text in it) isn't in
normal flow, then positioning something below it is next to

This is probably a good point to switch to floats.

> List wiki/FAQ --

The wiki has a links to a number of three column layouts.

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