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The definitive truth about Internet Explorer default text size settings

Sent by Felix Miata on 28 September 2005 22:10

Donna Casey wrote:
> can someone point me to a page that is 1) true, 2) reliable, and
> recognizably authorative, and 3) that says what the default settings are
> for Internet Explorer browsers - as in View>Text Size>Largest, Larger,
> Medium, Smaller, Small?
> I'm in a heated debate with a company for whom I do a lot of work, who
> insists that IE's View>Text Size setting defaults to Smaller. I believe
> it defaults to Medium.

Medium on IE is always 12pt BTW.

> However, I've found the following pages:
> that indicate that if you have Eudora email, a glitch causes the default
> of the IE browser to set to Smaller.

That could well be. I've never installed Eudora, and so haven't
personally observed the reputed default=smaller problem.
> Anyone have info about this? To keep it on-topic for CSS, it relates to
> using 100% and ems for web development (which I do, always, using
> 100.01% on the body, setting my wrapper to .625em [roughly 10px at
> defaults] and then sizing child selectors with em values). Apparently,
> this is too small for this person, yet for all other clients of mine, it
> makes IE and compliant browser text the same size and makes it easier
> for me to gauge size in pixel amounts, assuming defaults.

Exactly why is it you need to "gauge size in pixel amounts"?
> But this client is not all that up-to-date with best practices (doesn't
> understand the differences between html/xhtml, much less how css and
> font-sizing works). He thinks that because he's reinstalled IE on his
> company's computers (I think they all use Eudora) and they default to
> Smaller, that the default setting IS Smaller.
> Help me out, please? Or if I'm wrong, I am happy to know it, but I don't
> think I am. A reputable page somewhere with the info would truly help.

I spent a very long time constructing these.

Compare Gecko on and
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