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XHTML Design for CSS -- How To?

Sent by Steve Clay on 28 September 2005 22:10

Wednesday, September 28, 2005, 3:55:14 PM, Peter Beckman wrote:
> the idea behind grouping like-content together, but I don't understand when
> it is good to have an "extra" container (div) here and there.

ZG was designed with restyle-ability as the #1 goal and has plenty of
superfluous markup.  For most sites, it's overkill.

> It looks like most graphic designers use fixed width but dynamic height
> "boxes" when building a page.

Dynamic height is essential because who knows how big text will end up on
the screen/page..  Fixed width?  Mostly because it's easier to design for
and because, in liquid layouts, it's harder to control line-length and
still hold the design together nicely.

> I'm building an application that will have many skins, similar to CSS Zen
> Garden, and want to give developers the most flexible XHTML I can, so they
> can do things with CSS I never thought up.

Then certainly, for your app, ZG's markup is a place to start.  The hard
part is dealing with 1) a variable amount of unknown content and 2) IE's
frustrating lack of support for + and > selectors, leading to classitis.

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