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XHTML Design for CSS -- How To?

Sent by Peter Beckman on 28 September 2005 20:08

I've decided it's time to become standards based, and get into XHTML 1.0
strict + CSS.  I've been using CSS, but really a hybrid of HTML and XHTML,
never very consistent.

So having learned HTML old-school in 1994, getting good at XHTML design is
a bit challenging.

I've looked at CSS Zen Garden a lot, but have some questions.  I understand
the idea behind grouping like-content together, but I don't understand when
it is good to have an "extra" container (div) here and there.  When you are
building your XHTML, how do you decide when to <div> or not to <div> again?
How do you decide when to name a class (as in a special class name for each
paragraph in Zen Garden) vs using tag heirarchy to identify and set your
CSS to?

It looks like most graphic designers use fixed width but dynamic height
"boxes" when building a page.  Is this true in most cases for graphic

Have any graphic designers been frustrated with the XHTML provided by Zen
Garden, and wished for a better layout?  Or is that XHTML ideal, and if so,

I'm building an application that will have many skins, similar to CSS Zen
Garden, and want to give developers the most flexible XHTML I can, so they
can do things with CSS I never thought up.

Peter Beckman                                                  Internet Guy
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