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cross-browser display problems

Sent by JOE HODGE on 28 September 2005 16:04

Ok, working on my third CSS styled site and have hit a major snafu.
First two render well enough in FF, NS, and MSIE/Win [1]. Have not
checked them in other browsers.

The current project [2] renders fine in MSIE/Win but is completely out
of whack in FF or Netscape. Not sure why the difference between the
first two sites and this one. In all honesty, the first two are even a
bit more complex. None of the three do anything fancy. CSS validates
good at the W3C site. Any help, suggestions, or comments are

The current project validates (at the W3C site) as strict XHTML 1.0
except for the two items below and the CSS validates good.

As an aside and since I am here, I tried validating the xhtml of the
current project and get a bunch of errors/warnings about not using
target="_blank" with links. I know target= is not supposed to be used
but I do _not_ want links to other sites opening in the same window.

I also get a bunch of errors/warnings for using <a
[EMAIL-REMOVED]&subject=The Indigo
Connection Website">. Seems it does not like the last part where it
fills in the subject for the user. Again, just a personal preference but
I want to be able to fill in the subject line on mailto. It makes things
much easier for the client and the user can always change the subject if
they want to.

Is there any way to keep the functionality of these two items and have
valid xhtml?

I am on digest so any direct replies would be greatly appreciated.

[1] the other site is not
yet live on the net.

[2]	page:

Thanks much,
Joseph L. Hodge

"'Ignorantque datos, ne quisquam serviat, enses.'
And they are ignorant that the purpose of the sword is to save every man
from slavery."
- Lucanus (A.D. 39-65), De Bello Civili

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