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Bullets/ Centering in tables

Sent by Peter Frederiksen on 28 September 2005 15:03

Christian Heilmann wrote:
        It is hard to fathom what you are trying to achieve looking at this
        tagsoup. Do you have a screenshot / URL with the real thing?

I apologize. It's been less than a month since I read my first line of html 
(or, for that matter, any other code). So I'm still new at this, including 
presenting problems.

Thanks for the input - and I'll look into that solution, when I get the time 
(and figure out what you meant). For now I found an 'interrim solution'. 
Just to keep things straight, I'll present the problem again, though - this 
time without the code.

What I want:

Presented in the 'framebox' in this link:

The box is going to contain two kinds of data:
1. Actual tabular data (items 1-3).
         The items may consist of several lines and the links (html and pdf) 
only of 1. There's most likely a better design, but I'll worry about that 
later - unless
        someone has some input to share
2. Non-tabular data (items 4-6)
        To make the design consistent this data needs to be put in tables 

The problem:
Aligning the bullets with crossbrowser compatibility - vertically, 
marginwize- and sizewize. Apparantly putting the bullets in tables mess 
things up - or maybe that's caused by some of the rest of my coding.

The 'interrim solution':
I fiddled a bit with it and think I found a way around the problem, using 
background-colored divs for non-IE browsers and a 'bordered div' for IE. For 
now, that's good enough, but I'll look into the suggestion made by you and 
peruse the link provided by Alan Stevens.


 Peter Frederiksen

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