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strange quirk with width on UL (IE 5.5 only)

Sent by Marc on 27 September 2005 23:11

Hey folks, I'm experiencing an unexpected result when applying a width to a 
UL element with CSS in IE 5.5 (on Win2k).

I've put up a simple test page here to demonstrate the issue:

Essentially, when a width is applied to the element, instead of the entire 
block of text in the LI being indented, only the first line is.

Note, I checked this in IE 5.5, Opera 7.5 and Firefox 1.0.2 and it only 
occurs in IE. Does it also occur in IE 6+? (The screencap is from IE5.5.)

Anyone encountered this before? Have ideas on why it's happening and/or how 
to prevent it?

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