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Validator Encoding Note

Sent by Steve Clason on 27 September 2005 22:10

On 9/27/2005 2:30 PM Tom Livingston wrote:

>> Most likely your host is serving this:
>> Content-Type: text/html; charset=UTF-8
> So if the host is serving this, this isn't something I can change when  
> making a page, right? Obviously, I can change the meta but should I?

I know so little about this it scares me, so maybe someone better 
informed will jump in, but I'd say you should use a <meta> element to 
change the charset if you need to encode characters not included in the 
host's charset.

And no, you can't change the http header on the page, but that's what 
the Content-Type <meta> element is for, to change the content-type of 
the page from what the http header says.

We may be straying from practical-css, though. The List at evolt[1] 
would be a good place to ask the question again.


Steve Clason
Web Design and Development
Boulder, Colorado, USA

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