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Safari - Layer appears sometimes, not others

Sent by Travis Nep Smith on 27 September 2005 18:06

I've got an odd behavior in Safari that has me stumped.

In Firefox, when you click on a link that says "Play," a layer is 
displayed that has a description of the file, and a little QuickTime 
widget that plays an MP3.

In Safari, however...
o sometimes the QuickTime widget doesn't appear
o sometimes the QuickTime widget appears but the surrounding layer doesn't

If you click on the "Buy" link first, then click on the "Play" link, 
the "Play" layer seems to display just fine.

I know the page is a tricky mix of JavaScript and CSS, but it 
basically validates, and I'm stumped.  Is this some Safari bug that 
has a workaround?

Travis Smith
Partner, Hop Studios


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