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Browser and platform compatibility

Sent by Tony Balazs on 27 September 2005 15:03


I am new to the list and new to CSS.  I am writing a small website  
for a school for autistic children I am starting  up in London.  I am  
trying to do it myself to keep costs to a minimum.

If you look at it online you'll see the general style I want the  
pages to have (3 col, left and right ones narrow, pictures in banner  
at top etc etc).  I have chosen this CSS from many samples I've  
looked at on the Web.

The URL is

I am writing it on a Mac Powerbook laptop and generally use Camino as  
my browser.  It looks OK in there and I have fiddled around with the  
code to make it look as similar as I can on IE6/Windows and some  
other Mac browsers.  If it is a mistake for me to be doing this on  
the Mac (since most people will be looking at the site from a PC)  
then please tell me.

Main question: How do I guarantee that the banner pics will be  
centered in the browser window, that the left and right columns will  
be below the banner and out to the side slightly, whether the page is  
viewed on a Powerbook, a Windows laptop or a regular PC and whichever  
browser is used?

I have seen advice as follows: forget CSS and just use tables for  
something as simple as this; use Javascript (x.js) to get x-browser  
compatibility; write it quick and dirty in MS Powerpoint (! that has  
to be a bad idea, no?); use browser detection and write several  

I'd like to achieve x-browser compatibility for this in CSS or, if it  
has to be, using Javascript as well.  If anyone can help, I'd  
appreciate it.

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