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Bullets/ Centering in tables

Sent by Alan Stevens on 27 September 2005 15:03

Peter Frederiksen wrote:
> Hi
> I'd like to have a standard box for framework and 'quicklinks'. Generally the information in the
boxes is going to be tabular, so not surprisingly I'm using tables.
> In order to separate the rows in an orderly fashion I want to use bullets - which in other words
means inserting them into the <TD>s.

If you want a bulleted list, I would use the following:

<ul id="quicklinks">
  <li>quicklink #1</li>
  <li>quicklink #2</li>
  <li>quicklink #3</li>

Pretty light, huh? And it's accessible as well - you don't even need a 
stylesheet! Seriously, bulleted lists are something XHTML+CSS does 
pretty well.

If you want them to be links, but <a>'s inside your <li>'s. If you want 
more than one level, you can put a new <ul> inside a <li> and show a 
nested list. If you want headers, I would add an <h4> or something like 
it above the list. Chances are it will be easier for search engines to 
understand your information as well.

In your css you can add borders and colors and block display and 
anything else you want.

You might check out for a good 
tutorial on how to style lists.

When I was first starting out with CSS I would work late into the night 
(ok ok late into the morning and then into the next night and next 
morning!) cursing the W3C and craving to run back into DW so I could 
"table up" my design in 10 min and be done with it. But everything 
started to make sense for me when I stopped trying to shoehorn things 
into CSS, and instead took a step back and thought about what CSS was 
really good at doing, and then seeing if my content could fit into that 
model. That little change in perspective has made all the difference. I 
am not lecturing, just sharing my two cents on what worked for me. Hope 
the above helps!

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