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Re: [css-d] Fw: Flash of Unstyled Content affecting your site?

Sent by Liorean on 29 January 2002 13:01

At 08:20 2002-01-29 -0800, Matthias Gutfeldt wrote:
>The stylesheet might use the :content property,
><>. In that
>case, the browser would indeed have to first read the stylesheet and
>fetch the content before it displays the final document. However, I
>don't know whether this is what is indeed happening.

Not necessarily. Since the introduction of the DOM, browsers should be able 
to handle things like this without halting. Even document.write should be 
handleable through DOM, even if the implementation of DOM Range is lacking 
in Mozilla and absent in IE.

Future browsers - and other programs - might handle pretty much every 
dynamic changeability through DOM. (Remember that DOM isn't limited to 
JavaScript. Java, C/c++ and few other languages are beginning to support 
it. The DOM is a pretty powerful interface, useable for much more than 

// Liorean
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