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RE: Site Check: Completed

Sent by Joh on 27 September 2005 12:12

Hi Adam,

ul.facts li a ul.facts li a:visited {

should be a komma:
ul.facts li a, ul.facts li a:visited

..backtotop {font-family: Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif;}

No need to redeclare font-family if same one already has been declared in body

2. Opera 8, IE5 MAC float image overlaps at bottom surrounding text plus <div> inside <p> is not
[louse_nit_photo.jpg]  A possible solution which surely validates:

<p> ... of the embryo. <span class="nit_pict"><span class="nit_caption">
nit attached to hair</span><img src="images/louse_nit_photo.jpg"
alt="head lice nit attached to hair" width="239" height="187"

the floated image needs some extra (margin-bottom ?)space at the bottom too

A solution: 
use a <span> which is allowed in a <p> thus change the <div>s in <span>s and close the <p>

For the links 

add text-decoration:underline for a
add text-decoration:none for a:hover

This way one sees better it is a link, red color plus underline




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