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Writing maintainable CSS

Sent by Guillaume on 27 September 2005 12:12

Hi Simon,

here is my very little contribution to your question. When working on 
large stylesheeets I usually split data over three stylesheets: 
structure.css, fonts.css, colors.css... Working first on a single 
stylesheet, I split then data over this stylesheets when debugging 
process starts...It has the advantage of being clear enough, the 
structure gains in legebility iwhen it comes into making changes and in 
the debugging process: one should then only work on the structure.css. I 
also use this to filter only the structure.css for Ie mac with an 
@import method. So if there is no workaround in your css for this 
particular browser, it will still get the color and font design... 
Always better than plain text...
Your question is very interesting... Please tell us more on the list 
when you'll get more interesting answers.


> Hi all,
> I'm interested in gathering advice on keeping large stylesheets  
> maintainable, particularly ones that have more than one person  
> working on them. I think that this is an area of CSS that has not  
> been adequately discussed in the past.
> I've written more about this on my blog: 
> archive/2005/09/26/maintainability
> If anyone has any ideas to share, particularly from tackling this  
> problem in team projects, I'd love to hear them.
> Thanks!
> Simon Willison
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