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Re: css-d Digest, Vol 34, Issue 38

Sent by David Agnew on 27 September 2005 12:12

Mac OS 10.4.2, Firefox 1.5 - Looks / works great
Mac OS 10.4.2, Safari 2.0.1 - Looks / works great
Mac OS 10.4.2, IE 5.2.3 - Looks fine, but the Home/About/Services, 
etc links on /store.htm don't work!

Also, on the store page it mentions the lice comb (below) - but it 
appears above.

very clean site, IMHO

>I am 99.9% complete. Just doing the final once over. Please take a peak
>for me and let me know if anyones browsers are rendering crazy things.
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