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new subscriber wants to know about best practices and what the hedoublehockeystick and 'em' is ;-)

Sent by Kevin Martin on 27 September 2005 12:12

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Building a website using css and divs (at least at this point and it's really a rewrite of an
existing website that uses almost
exclusively tables) and I've been given the directive that the website MUST look the same in all
browsers (primarily concerned with
IE, FF, and Mozilla, less-so on Opera).  I've been doing this using position:absolute up to this
point but wonder if I'm missing the
boat by not using relative positioning and floats.  I'm curious about what the general css design
populace agrees are "best
practices" in this regard.  My website is a multi-column website with a header, nav bar, and 3
columns (left, center, right), oh,
and a footer.  I'm also using php to make subsequent web pages on the site have the same header and
left/right column information
and footer (using  include header.php3 , include left.php3, include right.php3, include:
footer.php3) while have the center column
change based on the url.  One thing I've run into doing this is the placement of the footer where
I'm positioning it as position:
absolute; left: 0;  bottom: 0:  It positions at the bottom left very well when the web page doesn't
run past one page but not worth
a darn when the page becomes scrollable (it ends up displaying my footer stuff over the top of and
in the "middle" of my 3 columns).
 I kind of deduced that this was because of the absolute positioning of the footer and that the
footer doesn't know where the center
column is ending to make the right choice of left:0 bottom:0 (hence my question about relative
positioning and floats).  I'm fairly
new to the whole "web-site design/writing" world so any suggestions/comments you can give me will be
greatly appreciated.


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