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Why does the one graphic not show up for SOME?

Sent by Guy K. Haas on 27 September 2005 05:05

Gotta love Norton....  Last evening, I was poking around with Google and 
turned up a few sites that explained the "banner not displaying" part of 
my problem. for 
example, points out:

> Blocked Banners!
> 12th February 2005 15:26 EST :: Filed under Gweeping by Dave
> So I’m up here in Maine, looking at my website, and noticing the blue top “David Seah” banner was
missing. Not only on Firefox, but also on Internet Explorer! After some poking around, it turns out
that Norton Internet Security has an advertising blocker in it that does not display any image named
“banner.gif”. So for months, anyone who has been running Norton Internet Security has not see the
top banner. I renamed banner.gif to topbanner.gif, and the problem has gone away. I suspect other ad
blocking software does something similar. 

Now, though, I have a truly purely CSS problem I need better 
understanding about.


when the viewport is narrow enough for the words in the banner to have 
to fold to a second line, the banner is high enough to extend below the 
horses images.  If the viewport is wide enough for all the text to be on 
one line, the banner cuts the hind legs off the horses.

What do I do to make the height of the bounding box automatically be 
tall enough to include the horses' entire height and then some?


p.s.  max- and min-width are ignored by I<stupid>E, so I hate to depend 
on them.

Gunlaug Sørtun wrote:
> Guy K. Haas wrote:
>> Can anyone explain why the white colt is not visible for some?
> Check what screen/window-size they use. The white colt disappears into
> the white background at width:1400, and reappears slightly at around
> width:1546. So you need to define a max-width for that page, or a much
> wider red background. Probably need a min-width also so it doesn't get
> squashed.
> regards
>     Georg

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