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What's this hack for?

Sent by Shelly @ WDG on 27 September 2005 03:03

It looks like a slight variation on the Stokely Hack for Safari 1.2
(although it works for 2.0, as well).  I use it on sites with stricter
clients...however, the star is in the wrong place with your version
(although it may work, I don't know, never tried it that way).  If *I* did
it, it would be written as such:

The style sheet has the following at the top of the file:
/* \*/
html*#tlc, html*#trc {height: 1%;
/* */

It should be with no spaces, and the star *after* the "html".  The
"height:1%" is what Safari would apply to the site's layout, and the
"_height:2%" is the default, what all other IE browsers would view it at.
The "\*/*\" part is to comment the stuff out from browsers like Mozilla and
Opera - it won't recognize it at all.

Hope that helps you out!


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