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one side of rounded corners broken in IE6

Sent by Jim Mock on 27 September 2005 02:02

Hi all,

I'm running into an issue with IE6 that I haven't been able to figure  
out and, quite honestly, I've run out of ideas to try.  Everything  
displays as it should in Safari and Firefox (both Mac and Windows),  
but IE is pushing the content out (or pushing the corners in) on the  
right side of the page.  I've played with the margins and padding for  
various elements and tried a few other things but nothing I've done  
so far has fixed the problem or helped me track down the cause.

Here's a stripped down example where you can see the problem:

I've run both the HTML and CSS through the W3C validators and there  
were no problems (other than the CSS validator complained about no  
background-color, but that wouldn't cause the problem I'm seeing).

Has anyone run across this before or have any ideas as to what's  
causing it?  Any help would be *greatly* appreciated.


- jim

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