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IE float alignment issue

Sent by Averill Ring at on 26 September 2005 22:10

My first attempt at a table-less design.  I have struggled through 
numerous issues all day and have solved most of them.  I may be just too 
tired at this point to break this one -- or it might take me another 4-5 
hours and I'll still have no answer.  Hopefully one of you can aim me in 
the right direction

And since I've struggled so mightily and tweaked the CSS again and 
again, it may be mashed potatoes (or hash, take your pick).

The page does validate CSS and HTML 1.0 transitional; however, there are 
several warnings concerning a lack of background color for the CSS.  I'm 
not sure what to do with this; I didn't realize I should specify 
background colors everywhere - plus it's warning me in spots where I use 
color shorthand (#FFF, for example) that I'm missing a background color 

ANYWAY, I'm trying to align a home button (upper left below the top 
banner). I get what I want in FF and Opera, but IE6 won't yield.  I 
believe it's something to do with the size of my float elements, but I'm 
not even sure which element of my sub-navigation entries should carry 
the float: left and width statements ... I think I need a beer.

Any takers?


Averill Ring

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