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need help with div hooks

Sent by cFA on 26 September 2005 22:10

Hi there, I'm trying to adapt a layout that I've done prior to this. The
prior version was aligned left, but this version I am centering it.

On my previous layout, I floated my divs to achieve my hooks, but in
implementing the technique here, floats are a bit trickier as the layout is
centered, so I cant just float left. Ive tried to float left and using em
and % left and right margins but that hasnt worked for me either.

here is a test page:

I'm essentially needing 3 hook divs for background images or colors:

(will name them better after I get the code down)

1) #contentwrap: this hook will encompass the entire "#wrap" div - full
height of #wrap and needs to be under the two divs below so that they will
sit on top (hopefully no zindex's)
2) #headerwrap: this hook will encompass the "#logo" div - 100px height
3) #footerwrap: this hook will encompass the "#footer" div - 40px height

This site will have a target browser audience of IE5 PC
80% of their users are IE5 PC (Doctors)
However, I am wanting the layout to work in IE6 as well (and of course REAL
browsers like Firefox ;)

So, If im making myself clear-
I need #contentwrap to be the same height as the #wrap,
and #headerwrap will be 100px high to match the #logo height,
and #footerwrap will be 40px high to match the #footer height.
and of course all of these need to be within the 95% width that I have for

If you look at this test page in IE5 pc, you will see that:

#headerwrap is actually the full height of #wrap (like I want #contentwrap
to be) and not 100px
#contentwrap doesnt show up at all, unless I float it.
#footerwrap is doing ok

In Firefox and Safari however I lose the #wrap bg right after the #sidebar
ends, its ok in IE6 and IE5...

could sure use some css expertise here


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