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Re: Dropdowns in inline elements, and CSS validator problems

Sent by david on 26 September 2005 11:11

Sam Partington wrote:
>>Hope that helps,
> It did, thank you very much!
> Anybody got any ideas on the validator problem, its really got me
> stumped.  Its as if the markup isn't referencing the stylesheets
> properly, but if that were the case then it wouldn't validate would
> it?
>>Also, my CSS validation tests have recently stopped working correctly.
>> The validator now reports "No style sheet found".  The xhtml
>>validates, and shows 4 or 5 styles sheets on each page. As far as I'm
>>aware I've changed nothing, and yet every one of my pages now shows
>>fail on my test page.
>>Any  ideas why the validator doesn't find any of my style sheets?

Hmm, is your server still serving the stylesheets with the correct 
MIME-type? I seem to have seen a few people reporting that their servers 
are serving stylesheets as plain text, rather than as CSS.

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