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Re: Dropdowns in inline elements, and CSS validator problems

Sent by Sam Partington on 26 September 2005 10:10

> Hope that helps,

It did, thank you very much!

Anybody got any ideas on the validator problem, its really got me
stumped.  Its as if the markup isn't referencing the stylesheets
properly, but if that were the case then it wouldn't validate would

> Also, my CSS validation tests have recently stopped working correctly.
>  The validator now reports "No style sheet found".  The xhtml
> validates, and shows 4 or 5 styles sheets on each page. As far as I'm
> aware I've changed nothing, and yet every one of my pages now shows
> fail on my test page.
> Any  ideas why the validator doesn't find any of my style sheets?

Thanks once again to holly and the list in general.

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