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Table Styling

Sent by Christian Montoya on 26 September 2005 05:05

Oh my goodness, I really think there is. I have to study for an exam so I
can't show you, but some of the pages do it.

Every first td in a row has a td-header selector, and you can use the CSS2
pseudo :first, which works for everything but IE. That should be the best
you can do. The link really does have tables that work in all browsers. Just
look at it. If you don't see the answer at the table gallery, then it
doesn't exist.

On 9/25/05, Thierry Koblentz [EMAIL-REMOVED]> wrote:
> Jeff Chastain wrote:
> > So, only using CSS, is there a possible cross-browser solution to
> > style the first table cell differently from the others without have a
> > unique ID or class on it?
> No
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