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Mozilla hacks?

Sent by Shelly @ WDG on 26 September 2005 04:04

I typically design my sites in Mozilla for PC, then hack for other browsers.
But I've recently come across a new issue - Mozilla/Mac reads my stylesheet
more like Safari 2 than Mozilla/PC.

I've hacked my stylesheet to display the site properly in Safari 2 (didn't
take much more than minor corrections in about 5 of my classes), but I can't
figure out how to do the same for Mozilla/Mac without altering how it looks
in Mozilla/PC.

I've googled on the subject, but I can't seem to find anything on it...does
anyone here know if there's a way to get Mozilla/Mac to read my Safari
changes, or a way I can feed in "corrective" stylesheets?  I do not want to
use Javascript or any other sort of scripting language to do so - I've
managed to come this far without using such a notion, and I'd prefer to stay
away from it.

Thanks in advance :)


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