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Table Styling

Sent by Craig Cook on 25 September 2005 21:09

On 9/25/05, Jeff Chastain [EMAIL-REMOVED]> wrote:

> <table ... class="tabTable">
>     .....
>     <tr>
>         <td class="tabFootCell">totals</td>
>         <td class="tabFootCell">&nbsp;</td>
>         <td class="tabFootCell">24,655</td>
>         <td class="tabFootCell">16,503</td>
>         <td class="tabFootCell">226,232</td>
> What I would like to do is simply set the text alignment where the first
> cell is left justified and the last three cells are right justified.  Is
> there a way to reference these table cells differently without a specific id
> tag on them?

You can do away with the repeated classes on each cell by classing the
whole row, and since it seems your first <td> is a label for the row,
it can be marked up as a <th>:

<tr class="tabFoot">
  <th scope="row">totals</th>

then style thusly:

tr.tabFoot td { text-align: right; }
tr.tabFoot th { text-align: left; }

The empty spacer cell is unneccessary, since you can accomplish that
with some padding-right on the <th>. Even that tabFoot class can be
eliminated if every row in the table is going to be the same, you can
apply those styles to the entire table instead:

table.tabTable td { text-align: right; }
table.tabTable th { text-align: left; }

And if you have a proper table header which you want to style
differently from the row labels:

table.tabTable thead th { text-align: center; }

So the rule of thumb is to start with semantic markup and style as
much as you can with the elements at hand, then add IDs and classes if

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