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IE doesn't like my fixed layout much (retry)

Sent by Stuart Homfray on 25 September 2005 15:03

Rob Mientjes wrote:
> Working on something right now and it displays perfectly in Safari,
> performs like it should in Firefox and leaves me flabbergasted in IE.
> I'm aware of IE's limitations, but I know it can work. Question is,
> who can help me make it work?


This[1] *might* be of some help:

1.  First, put IE6 into "standards mode" by using a strict DOCTYPE. Note 
that IE6's standards mode is known for its extremely odd quirks. We are 
taking advantage of one now.
2. Use IE conditional comments to style the HTML and BODY tags like so:

  html, body {
	height: 100%;	overflow: auto;

3. Style anything you want to stay fixed as position:absolute.

It's from a page set up by Brett Merkey (who may well still be on this 
list - if so, nice one Brett!)


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