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Why does the one graphic not show up for SOME?

Sent by Gene Falck on 25 September 2005 05:05

Hi Guy,

You wrote:

>In this case, though, my wife (whose laptop display is nowhere near that 
>wide) could not even see THE BANNER, let alone the white colt, when 
>viewing the site from its ISP.
>When I put the files onto a jumpdrive and plugged it in to her laptop, all 
>appears as it should.  Totally strange, but I'm still poking around at it.

Ouch! That may mean it's not a CSS problem and, so,
off topic. It's not unheard of to have page behave
differently when called from a local file than when
called from a server due to the server sending out
a header--could be a bad mime type sent for the CSS
(almost on topic) or something else. What do you


Gene Falck

>Meanwhile, I'll set max- and min-widths.
>Gunlaug Sørtun wrote:
>>Guy K. Haas wrote:
>>>Can anyone explain why the white colt is not visible for some?
>>Check what screen/window-size they use. The white colt disappears into
>>the white background at width:1400, and reappears slightly at around
>>width:1546. So you need to define a max-width for that page, or a much
>>wider red background. Probably need a min-width also so it doesn't get
>>     Georg
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