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Why does the one graphic not show up for SOME?

Sent by Guy K. Haas on 25 September 2005 00:12

Thanks.  I'll ask my mac informants about their widths.

In this case, though, my wife (whose laptop display is nowhere near that 
wide) could not even see THE BANNER, let alone the white colt, when 
viewing the site from its ISP.

When I put the files onto a jumpdrive and plugged it in to her laptop, 
all appears as it should.  Totally strange, but I'm still poking around 
at it.

Meanwhile, I'll set max- and min-widths.


Gunlaug Sørtun wrote:
> Guy K. Haas wrote:
>> Can anyone explain why the white colt is not visible for some?
> Check what screen/window-size they use. The white colt disappears into
> the white background at width:1400, and reappears slightly at around
> width:1546. So you need to define a max-width for that page, or a much
> wider red background. Probably need a min-width also so it doesn't get
> squashed.
> regards
>     Georg

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