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Four Column Layout

Sent by Richard Brown on 24 September 2005 20:08

Hi All

A short while ago I tried to do a four column layout and succeeded 
eventually! I am pondering the process and would like to try again 
building from the ground up. I want the design to be fixed width 
(800px) and available at 800 x 600 size.

The question I have in building this design the use of divs. I have an 
outer wrap to fix the size to 800px. Then where do I go from here. Two 
divs within this, one floating left and the other floating right. And 
then two divs within these divs again floating left or right. Or do I 
just have four divs, three floating left and one floating right.

What is the best way to go please? Maybe someone could send me to an 
article that would give me a clue?


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