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IE Developer tool bar

Sent by Jim Davis on 24 September 2005 19:07

The developer toolbar available for FF is a great tool for diagnosing
problems with CSS markup, particularly if you are trying to help someone on
the list find problems with their site. The toolbar, among many other
things, allows you to outline div boundaries, and change CSS markup "on the
fly" to troubleshoot problems. If a CSS problem is only seen in IE, as so
many are, then the diagnostic capability of the FF toolbar is of far less
value. Having a developer toolbar available for IE 6+ will help all of us
find and fix IE based problems with greater ease and speed. Because of the
multitude of non-standard behaviours exhibited by IE, the new developer tool
bar may of even more value than the one available for FF.

I think MS is to be commended for spending the money to create the developer
toolbar for IE 6+. Perhaps this is a recognition on the part of MS that not
all developers use FrontPage and that CSS is here to stay.

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